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Interactive is a modern day, technology lead, executive search specialist that partners closely with it's clients on an exclusive or unique basis to find world class talent. We consult and advise to fill key roles, building teams for both established leaders and start-ups in video, online and mobile gaming and esports,

We are an award-winning, boutique, search firm in interactive entertainment with over 25 years of experience and a reputation based on word of mouth. We don't advertise and we work hard to represent an individual client's business, goals and culture.

Diversity Specialist

Interactive is the founder of two of Europe's leading diversity organisations, Women in Games WIGJ (2009) and BAME in Games (2016). We are committed to advancing the creative and commercial success of the games industry by placing more talented women and minorities at all levels. We work with forward-thinking organisations keen to go the extra mile to recruit a diverse workforce.

Building World Class Teams

The best creative and commercial teams are a fine balance of diverse talent, passion, attitude, aptitude and fortitude. Talented people bring ideas, spontaneity, innovation, spark, and inspiration to an organisation. Interactive has brought this invaluable resource to clients in over 30 countries.


Focussed on CEO's, Non-Executive and main board Directors, Sales and Marketing and Product Development, we offer

• Retained Executive Search and Technical Head Hunting

• Board and Diversity Consulting

• Strategic Introductions to Key Industry Players

Using proven methodologies around People, Programmes and Products, our approach is professional, approachable, authentic and tuned to the unique business issues of the creative media and technology industries.

Company History

In 1996 a Finance Director attended the last April ECTS trade show at Earls Court Olympia to see his sister working on the Gem Distribution stand. The PlayStation 1 had just been launched. Blown away by the potential of games, he determined to set up a financial and recruiting consultancy in the sector which launched that September. With no prior experience in recruitment, the founder threw himself into innovating in a fast moving sector.

20 years later, David Smith, the same Chartered Accountant was awarded Honorary Fellowship of the UK's Institute of Recruitment Professionals, one of only 20, for an outstanding career and personal contribution to the recruitment industry. Interactive Selection continues to innovate, staying ahead of games industry trends so that its market leading team can continue to secure world class talent for its clients.


1996 David Smith founds Interactive Selection
1999 Interactive make first placements overseas in Norway, USA and Australia.
2000 Interactive build the first Xbox team for Microsoft in Europe.
2002 Interactive build the first online console team in Europe for the SEGA Dreamcast.
2006 Interactive makes first placement in China.
2009 Interactive founds Women in Games WIGJ.
2011 Cassandra Donnelly-James, Team Leader, joins Interactive.
2012 David writes the definitive book on Recruitment and Selection in Games Industry, published by UK games trade body, TIGA as Best Practice Guide.
2013 Interactive win first Best Service Provider - Recruitment Agency Award from TIGA.
2015 Women in Games WIGJ is Highly Commended in TIGA Awards.
2016 David founds BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) in Games
2015 David awarded Honorary Fellowship of the UK's Institute of Recruitment Professionals.
2016 David accepted into BAFTA for his significant contribution to the games industry.
2016 David contributes to White Paper to UK government on esports.
2017 Interactive shortlisted again for TIGA Best Recruiter Award.
2017 Women in Games WIGJ wins TIGA Award for Diversity.
2018 David publishes first Paper on Women in Esports after Global Esports Forum.
2018 Women in Games and BAME in Games credited by UK Government in its Sector Deal with the Creative Industries.
2019 Women in Games celebrates 10 years with Party at GDC in San Francisco.
2020 David speaks at Pocket Gamer Connects in London and Esports Bar conference in Cannes, France.
2021 Pandemic creates home working for David and support team. Interactive stays very much open for business.
2022 David stands down from Women in Games to concentrate again on executive search.

David is a regular speaker at games and esports conferences including Nordic Game in Malmo, the TIGA Mobile Conference and Pocket Gamer Connects in London, Game Connection in San Francisco, the Quo Vadis, Respawn, devcom and Womenize! Games Conferences in Berlin and Cologne, the Wargaming 4C Conference in Kiev, the Global Esports Forum in Katowice, Esports Bar in Cannes.

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